Pool Fence Checklist

1. Gates

- Gates need to open away from the pool.
- Gates need to have a full free swing, without sticking onto the ground or paving.
- Gates need to self latch on full swing as well as a very short distance. (Finger test � put finger in between latch and gate and pull finger out - gate needs to close.
- Gate latches need to be at least 1.5m high from the ground level. (Top knob)
- Non climbable objects in a 1.4m radius from the gate latch.
- Hinges must be at least 900mm from each other otherwise they will need a 60 degree cap on the bottom hinge.

2. Doors and Windows:

No doors or windows that open more than 10cm are allowed to be in the pool area. (They will need to be screened, restricted of opening more than 10cm or permanently bolted)

3. Fence barrier:

Fence needs to be strong and in good condition.
Height must be a min of 1.2m from ground level.
Highest bottom horizontal rail to lowest horizontal rail needs to be 900mm between them.
No gaps under or in fence of more than 10cm.
No loose screws or panels.
Climbable border fencing � will need to be shielded.

4. Non Climbable Zone (NCZ)

The NCZ on the outside of the fence needs to be a clear 1.2m (on 1.2m fencing)
The NCZ in the inside of the fence needs to be a clear 300mm.

5. CPR sign:

The CPR sign needs to have the 30/ 2 compressions on it and must have how to treat an infant that has drowned.
Position: It needs to be at the shallow end of the pool and visible to follow instructions if needed.

Download our PDF of Common Pool fence Problems

Most Problem Areas

Taps - next to fence

Vegetation - climbable inside and outside fence

Pool pumps to close to fence

Gates catching - on ground level

Furniture or objects against fence

Trees hanging over pool fence

Wire fencing with big gaps

Gates not self latching

Lattice panels - climbable

Doors and windows directly into the pool area

CPR sign not visible

Gates kept open with bricks/string - BIG NO NO!!


Please Note

Not all vegetation is climbable so do not rip out everything before consulting with me.
When in doubt rather call or send me a photo, so we can discuss.

Do you have a CPR Sign on your pool fence ?

Pool Tip Number 4

Pool gates need to self close from all positions.